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Open source, open mind. A personal manifesto

Today is Independence Day. I spent all morning thinking how academe, albeit claiming intellectual freedom, is dependent on for-profit corporations. How we willingly let publishers and tech companies profit during the course of our work. Work that we claim is not for profit, but for the greater good of the human kind. Recently, I have… Continue reading Open source, open mind. A personal manifesto

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Sociology of Outer Space

Astrosociology was born as a subfield of sociology in 2004, when a sociologist Jim Pass purchased the domain and wrote a two-part inaugural essay on the topic. He suggested that this new field should focus on astrosocial phenomena – social, cultural and behavioral patterns related to outer space. It was not well received by the… Continue reading Sociology of Outer Space

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Space Girls: gender and status in space analog facilities

NASA has scheduled the first manned mission to Mars by 2030s. Soon human society will expand beyond this planet. But humans will have to endure a very long and crowded flight before settling in anywere. And even then, it will take years to expand living and working quarters beyond bare minimum. The start of our… Continue reading Space Girls: gender and status in space analog facilities