Inga Popovaite

Sociology + Data Science + Space

I am a PhD candidate at the department of Sociology& Criminology at the University of Iowa. I study emotions, gender, and status in space analog environments (download my CV here ). I speak Lithuanian, Russian, and a bit of Georgian and German.

When I am not behind my computer, I bike, swim, and read.

Do you have questions that are not covered in this blog? Do you want to chat about my research? Do you have a great project idea and I am a great fit for the team? Or are you new to Iowa City area and wondering about best bike paths around? Send me an email. Most likely (p<.05) you will get an answer from me soon.


Jul 25, 2020 I moved my blog from to GitHub Pages.
May 1, 2020 I received a research grant from the Midwest Sociological Society to study emotions in a space analog environment.